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     Scott M. Green Appraisal License Download SG_Pocket_Card_13-14.pdf

     Scott M. Green Resume Download ResumeScottGreen.pdf

     Scott M. Green References Download References.pdf

     Scott Green E&O Insurance Binder Download SG_E_O_13-14_Declaration_Page.pdf

     Brett M. Green Appraisal License Download BG_Pocket_Card_13-14.pdf

     Brett Green E&O Insurance Binder Download BG_E_O_13-14_Declaration_Page.pdf

     W9 Download W9.pdf

     Appraisal FAQ's Download Appraisal_FAQ_s.pdf

     Appraiser Ethics Download Appraising_Ethics.pdf

     Faster Turn Times Download 4_Steps.pdf

     Preparing for an Appraisal Download Preparing_for_an_Appraisal.pdf

     Privacy Policy Download GAG_Privacy.pdf

     Notice to Homeowners/Borrowers Download Notice_to_Borrowers.pdf

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